Welcome to Regarding Yarn

Erin has been designing patterns and gifts for friends and family for over 20 years and is now bringing those patterns to you! Erin enjoys using interesting stitches and gorgeous yarns to create beautiful clothing and accessories for all body sizes and body types. Choose your favorite patterns and begin your own beautiful legacy of handcrafted gifts and garments.

check out the free patterns!

I think some things should be free, so I’ve made some of my beginner crochet patterns free to everyone. I remember when I was learning to crochet that I didn’t want to pay for patterns. Paying for patterns is an investment, and I wasn’t sure I was going to stick with this craft! I really appreciated pretty, free beginner patterns that would teach me the skills I needed to advance in crocheting and knitting, so I’m sharing that philosophy with you dear yarny friend! You’ll find some gorgeous free patterns here, including an introductory skill building crochet and knit series that is soon to come. Sign up for the Regarding Yarn Newsletter below to find out when the skill building series starts, and when new free patterns are published! You can click here to go straight to the free patterns.

Bespoke patterns are available too!

If you’ve been knitting or crocheting for a while, you’ll find something here for you too. I’m currently working on bespoke garment patterns starting in Winter 2022. I like to make garments that are timeless, beautiful, and that fit well for all people, all sizes, and all body types so I’ve started designing patterns that are custom-made for YOUR body. We embrace inclusivity here and think everyone should have gorgeous, well-fitting handmade wardrobes, whether they be knitted or crocheted. The bespoke patterns take into consideration YOUR measurements to create a garment that fits you in a way that highlights your assets and makes you feel GREAT! The bespoke patterns will be highlighted on my site and available for purchase from Ravelry. Sign up for the Regarding Yarn Newsletter to be the first to know about our bespoke patterns coming this Winter!